Dr Malini Saba
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Dr.Malini Saba, including her business, campaigns, initiatives, recruiting, investment, and donation, among others.

How did Dr. Malini Saba get an idea or concept for the business?

Dr. Malini Saba firmly believes that smart and successful people are not the sole possessors of amazing ideas. They are accessible to anyone. The following are the steps she used to get a business idea:
- Find a passion, pursue it, and turn it into a business.
- Identify a problem that will impact humanity in 15 years, develop a solution, and re-invest the profits.
- Meet new people, read, travel, and experience new things inspired her to generate new ideas.

What was Dr. Malini Saba’s mission at the outset?

As a child, Dr. Malini Saba wanted to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and earn enough money to donate to charity. Entrepreneurship wasn’t initially in her plans, as she aspired to become a successful doctor. Ultimately, she followed her heart to make a difference by building businesses that not only provided a living wage to her team members worldwide but also funded social issues, promoted economic growth, and provided a pathway for community members to own, build, and expand local businesses.

What is Dr. Malini Saba currently working upon?

Following her accomplishments in the corporate world, the Founder & Former Chairman of "Saba Group" is now focusing on her philanthropic activities and issues close to her heart under the auspices of the Anannke Foundation. Dr. Saba feels that philanthropy will only make an impact if the founder of an established corporate brand gets associated with it in-depth, with an emphasis on augmenting the quantum of activities and expanding the number of people benefitting from them, highlighting their significance instead of the corporate brand's participation.
As part of her research, Dr. Malini Saba continues to explore areas where leadership-driven intervention is needed, as well as new opportunities at all levels.

What are the work areas, mission, and partners of the Anannke Foundation?

Dr. Malini Saba, an advocate for the marginalized, established the "Anannke Foundation" in 2002 to serve as the umbrella organisation for all of her philanthropic efforts and activities with the goal of helping "one billion" people. Its mission is to ensure access to nutrition, basic healthcare, education, art, and culture, and to provide people with opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and eliminate illiteracy about human rights issues.
There are numerous foundation partners, including Bill Clinton, Stanford Medical Center, CRY, the Women Refugee Commission, Concern Worldwide, the Latin America Association, Concern Worldwide, the LAC + USC Medical Center, and the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC).

What other areas of interest does Dr. Malini Saba have besides philanthropy?

Dr. Malini Saba is very interested in mental health, educating people about their rights, and bringing attention to the problems working women face, especially single mothers.

An avid writer, successful businesswoman, ardent philanthropist, and brilliant researcher, Dr. Saba teaches everything she has learned and delivers speeches at global conferences in an effort to change the way governments around the world function. She helps business owners achieve greater success in their businesses and improve their lives.

What were Dr. Malini Saba’s responsibilities as the business owner?

As the owner of a business that employed and served people, Dr Malini Saba considered the consequences of every decision she made and weighed various factors.

She constantly considered whether her decision-making process was consistent with the company's values and viewed leadership as her primary responsibility for expanding a business with a stronger financial position. Her partners and employees are always aware of her dedication to their personal development and growth.

What are the biggest challenges Dr. Malini Saba faced to start and scale up a business?

Dr. Malini Saba says ‘Entrepreneurship isn’t easy’. Some of the challenges she faced include:
- Capital and cash flow shortfalls
- Having a decent business idea
- Obtaining investments 
- Developing a wonderful product or service
- Sticking to it
- Working more than expected 
- Overcoming the disappointments of continuously being rejected by clients 
- Hiring good employs
- Wearing so many hats
- Time management
- Striking a balance between work and personal life

What would be Dr. Malini Saba’s one piece of advice for someone just starting out?

Create your own destiny! Participate in something greater than yourself. No one will hand it to you; you must work to achieve your goals. There are no guarantees of success. To succeed, one must take calculated risks. You will discover that nothing great happens on its own, and you cannot sit back and wait for it. Never give up and keep a razor-sharp focus!

What is the most efficient way to contact Dr. Malini Saba?

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