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Dr Malini Saba

To know Dr. Malini Saba is to know her multifaceted identity. Professionally, Malini is a distinguished self-made businesswoman with over three decades of experience and celebrated accomplishments in the corporate world. She's a brilliant researcher, a published author, and is also a compassionate psychologist. Personally, Malini is a single mother, fitness enthusiast, and creative cook with a love for food.

What's distinct about Dr. Saba is this: deeply-rooted in her career path and personal life are a passion and commitment to making the world a better place. Malini is a fierce human and social rights activist, philanthropist, and advocate for the physical, social, and economic advancement of women and girls across the world. Every organisation she's built from the ground up serves as a catalyst for uplifting humanity.

Dr. Saba has an extensive business background in international, multi-cultural environments and highly engineered systems. She is the founder and former chairman of Saba Group, a privately-held company investing in the people and businesses of the future. Saba Group operates in several markets across 20 countries, including agriculture and trades, pharmaceuticals, fintech, real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and gold mining. Malini is most known for her successes in the industrial commodities markets for rice, oil, and gas. Half of all profits raised by Saba Group helped Malini fund initiatives for accessible education, health, art, culture, and livelihood generation.

Dr. Malini Saba | AWARDS + ACCOLADES

(Dr.) Malini Saba is a staunch believer that leadership is not defined by titles, photos, or selfies, but rather by being authentic and sticking up for one's convictions, especially in the face of hardship. People who know her well agree that she is methodical and is committed to serving others.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Saba has received the honour of:

  • Being the recipient of the "Kalpana Chawla Award" for "Outstanding Woman of the Year."
  • Being featured on the cover of "India Today's" magazine's yearly issue highlighting the "high and mighty."
  • Receiving "The Ambassador of Peace" award from the "Federation of Peace", London.
  • Being rated #1 of 10 candidates likely to succeed in "San Francisco" Magazine, chosen as one of ten women who will undoubtedly succeed and are worth watching over the next decade.
  • Receiving the  "Mother Teresa Award."
  • Being honoured as the "Philanthropist of the Year award" by "Pratham."
  • Gracing the cover of the ‘45th Anniversary issue’ of ‘India Today Hindi' Magazine.
  • Being an influential keynote speaker at the "London Speaker Bureau."
  • Being recognised by "YourStory" as "one of five Indian women who made a difference during the pandemic."
  • Being featured on the cover of "Forbes 400," where she discussed what it means to be a self-made businesswoman in industries dominated by men.
  • Receiving the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award by "Business Women's Network Washington, D.C."
  • Serving as the Spokesperson and Panellist for the "Business World" – (WESA) Change-preneurs Track, honouring extraordinary women entrepreneurs whose ideas have changed India's corporate and social landscape.
  • Being recognised by Femina magazine as one of the "Fabulous 50" women who have excelled in their field through sheer grit and determination.
  • Being named by"CSR Journal" Magazine as one of "25 Indian leaders" to watch in the philanthropic and social impact arena.
  • Being featured on the cover of the magazine "Glittering India."
  • Gracing the cover of "Business Today's" "The BT 500 List" which ranks India's most valuable enterprises.
  • Being recognized by "YourStory" as the founder of  "one of the five NGOs" striving to improve the lives of rural women throughout India.
  • Receiving the "Genty Hall of Fame-Philanthropist Of The Year award."
  • Being chosen by the "Femina" magazine for a cover.
  • Recognised by the publication 'CSR Journal' as one of the top 5 women philanthropists driving social change in India.


Dr Malini Saba

Malini Saba has transitioned from Saba Group to focus her attention on her philanthropic efforts. She runs the Anannke Foundation, formerly known as the Saba Family Foundation, which she established in 2002. Anannke symbolizes Malini's aspiration to create a more equitable world for women and children from diverse backgrounds.

Malini aims to help one billion people through the Anannke Foundation. The foundation analyses the root causes of socio-economic hurdles in developing nations. Operating through two branches — Samskaara and Upcaara. Samskaara focuses on education, extending scholarship programs and college preparation funds to underprivileged girls globally. Meanwhile, Upcaara provides life-saving healthcare access to vulnerable women.

The foundation has partnered with numerous organisations and individuals, including Bill Clinton, Standford University Medical Center, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) in Mumbai, the Women Refugee Commission, Concern Worldwide, LAC + USC Medical Center, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC), and more.

In addition to her involvement with Anannke Foundation, Dr. Malini Saba holds positions on the Advisory Board of the Mother Teresa Foundation and on the Board of Directors for Comfycare12 and The Woman's Company.



Malini's efforts have earned her the title 'Ambassador of Peace' by the Universal Peace Federation. She's also been honored with Kalpana Chawla's 2005 award for ‘Outstanding Woman Of The Year,’ the 'Mother Theresa' award in 2004, 'Entrepreneur Of The Year' from the Business Women’s Network in Washington D.C., and 'Philanthropist Of The Year' by both Pratham and Genty Hall of Fame. 

Dr. Saba has taken the stage as a keynote speaker at prestigious global conferences, reshaping the operations of governments worldwide while sharing her insights to empower fellow business owners. Her dedication revolves around bolstering businesses led by women on a global scale. Offering guidance to numerous female entrepreneurs.



As a self-made executive, Malini aims to ignite a spirit of independence among all women. Her articles on this subject have graced publications like Entrepreneur India, Times of India, and Huffington Post. She's also been featured in prominent publications like India Today, Femina, and Forbes 400.

Entrepreneurship wasn't initially on Dr. Malini Saba's radar. Considered an "accidental entrepreneur," she diverted from her aspirations of becoming a doctor to pave her own path as a business owner. Her pursuits have served as an opportunity to address social issues, foster economic growth, and empower community members to establish and expand local businesses.

Born into a middle-class immigrant family, Malini was raised by hardworking parents, instilling in her a robust work ethic and a deep sense of empathy for the less fortunate. Her aspiration has been to contribute significantly to charitable causes. Beyond her foundation, she has personally kick-started the world's first Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital with a $1 million donation and pledged $10 million for the rehabilitation of tsunami victims in India and Sri Lanka.



(Dr.) Malini Saba is committed to building and supporting companies "managed by women", benefitting women worldwide. Behind the scenes, she provides business advice and consultation to several female entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses and impact.  

She also operates a social media community called "TheWorkingMothers" to empower and support Working women.



In her free time, Dr. Saba indulges in writing and the culinary arts. She penned her cookbook, The Abbreviated Cook, a compilation of recipes gathered during her extensive global travels. Additionally, she wholeheartedly embraces her role as a devoted mother to her daughter and nurtures a household that includes five dogs and four cats.