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Dr Malini Saba

(Dr.) Malini Saba, following over 30 years of accomplishments in the corporate world as the Founder & Former Chairman of "Saba Group," is now focusing on her philanthropic activities and issues close to her heart under the aegis of the "Anannke Foundation," which she established in 2002. Dr. Saba believes that philanthropy will have an impact if the founder of an established corporate brand becomes deeply involved with it, with an emphasis on increasing the quantity of activities and the number of people who benefit from them, rather than emphasising the participation of the corporate brand.

As part of her research, Dr. Malini Saba is still looking into areas where leadership-driven intervention is needed as well as new opportunities at all levels.

Dr. Saba is a dedicated mother to a child, five dogs, and four cats.

Dr. Malini Saba | AWARDS + ACCOLADES

(Dr.) Malini Saba is a staunch believer that leadership is not defined by titles, photos, or selfies, but rather by being authentic and sticking up for one's convictions, especially in the face of hardship. People who know her well agree that she is methodical and is committed to serving people.

Over the past three decades, Dr. Saba has received the honour of being:

  • The recipient of the "Kalpana Chawla Award" for "Outstanding Woman of the Year"
  • Featured on the cover of "India Today's" magazine's yearly issue highlighting the "high and mighty"
  • "The Ambassador of Peace's" award recipient from the "Federation of Peace", London
  • Rated # 1 of 10 candidates to succeed in "San Francisco" Magazine. She was chosen as one of ten women who will undoubtedly succeed and are worth watching over the next decade
  • A "Mother Teresa Award" recipient
  • A recipient of the "Philanthropist of the Year award" from "Pratham"
  • graced the cover of the ‘45th Anniversary issue’ of ‘India Today Hindi'
  • An influential keynote speaker at the "London Speaker Bureau"
  • "YourStory" recognised her as "one of five Indian women who made a difference during the pandemic."
  • featured on the cover of "Forbes 400," where she discussed what it means to be a self-made businesswoman in industries dominated by men
  • A recipient of the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award by "Business Women's Network Washington, D.C."
  • Spokesperson and Panellist for the "Business World" – (WESA) Change-preneurs Track honouring extraordinary women entrepreneurs whose ideas have changed India's corporate and social landscape.
  • Femina magazine has recognised her as one of the "Fabulous 50" women who have excelled in their field through sheer grit and determination.
  • "CSR Journal" Magazine named her as one of "25 Indian leaders" to watch in the philanthropic and social impact arena
  • Featured on the cover of the publication "Glittering India"
  • graced the cover of "Business Today's" "The BT 500 List," which ranks India's most valuable enterprises
  • Recognized by "YourStory" as "one of the five NGOs" striving to improve the lives of rural women throughout India
  • A recipient of the "Genty Hall of Fame-Philanthropist Of The Year award"
  • The "Femina" magazine chose to feature her on its cover
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Dr. Malini Saba | HER STORY

Dr Malini Saba

(Dr.) Malini Saba was born into a middle class family. Her immigrant parents worked tirelessly to support her sister and their native families, instilling in her a strong work ethic and enabling her to achieve success through sheer determination and self-assurance. As a child, she would bring clothing, food, and books to shelters and spend time there as her parents stressed the importance of compassion for those less fortunate. Having put herself through school by working part-time, babysitting, and starting a cleaning service, etc., she knows what it is like to struggle for food, pay rent, and care for siblings. She wanted to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and earn enough money to donate to charity when she was a child.

It wasn't in Dr. Saba's plans to be an entrepreneur; she wanted to be a successful doctor. She ultimately followed her heart to make a difference by building businesses that not only provided a living wage to her team members worldwide, but also funded social issues, promoted economic growth, and provided a pathway for community members to own, build, and expand local businesses.

Dr. Saba believes in her unlimited potential and considers failure to be a success. She believes that the universe will always change your path if it thinks you are going in the wrong direction.



(Dr.) Malini Saba had difficulty getting her business off the ground. Her aspirations were not supported and she received no help in expanding her business. At one point, she was almost delusional because she thought she might have made the jump too soon. People advised her that it was too hazardous and that she should instead concentrate on getting married, having children, and being content with that.

Dr. Saba is adamant that there is nothing wrong with being a wife and mother, and that housewives and stay-at-home fathers do not receive sufficient recognition for their daily and lifetime contributions. She defied norms and desired more. No one invested in her business, so she had to invest her own money and time and learn how to run a company on the fly. She had to play smart and be a shrewd entrepreneur with the motto "reinvest, reinvest, reinvest" in order to benefit herself and others.

Due to the fact that her existence depended on her business, she worked long hours, made hazardous decisions, listened attentively, and hustled. She was forced to improvise when potential investors fled, precipitating a deluge of disaster for her business.

Dr. Saba also devoted her time to writing a book, "The Abbreviated Cook," which is a compilation of quick and easy recipes that offer a twist on traditional South and Southeast Asian dishes. You may also find her recipes on Instagram (@serendipspice).



When a young woman inquired about (Dr.) Malini Saba’s accomplishments one day, she realised her risks had paid off. The woman asked, "How do you market yourself?" How do you get clients? How do you conduct research on business investments? How do you persist when you want to give up? "

An avid writer, successful businesswoman, psychologist, ardent philanthropist, and brilliant researcher began teaching everything she had learned and delivering speeches at global conferences in an effort to change the way governments around the world function, help business owners in achieving greater success in their businesses, and improve the lives of entrepreneurs.

She started teaching everything she had learned and giving talks at global conferences to try to change the way governments around the world work, help business owners do better in their businesses, and make entrepreneurs' lives better.



(Dr.) Malini Saba is committed to building and supporting companies "managed by women" that "benefit women" and have a positive impact on the plight of women worldwide. Behind the curtain Dr. Saba provides business advice and consultation to a number of women entrepreneurs whose businesses are thriving today. She has helped them increase annual revenues by millions of dollars, create new brands, monetize their messages, develop profitable programmes and training; host events; reposition themselves at the upper end of the spectrum, network with other industry leaders, gain media appearances, and much more.

Dr. Saba also operates a social a media community called "TheWorkingMothers" to empower and support Working women in all types of jobs, careers, and work arrangements, as well as for those interested in learning more about the challenges of being a working mom – or in re-entering the workforce.



Over the past three decades, (Dr.) Malini Saba's generosity has been acknowledged via awards, media, and exclusive opportunities. She is the recipient of the "Kalpana Chawla Award" for "Outstanding Woman of the Year", "The Ambassador of Peace's" award from the "Federation of Peace", London, Philanthropist of the Year by Pratham, and the "Genty Hall of Fame-Philanthropist of the Year award," among others.

She has helped millions of underserved women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and the US gain access to life-saving medical facilities, educational services and achieve economic stability. Her primary aim in life is to help at least one billion people. That made her launch the Anannke Foundation, the umbrella organisation for her philanthropic efforts.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to the present, she has organized global food drives and provided education and healthcare facilities to over 10,000 people every month.

She serves on the Mother Teresa Foundation's Advisory Board and the Comfycare12, Tanzania, and The Woman's Company's Board of Directors.

Dr. Saba is also a private angel investor with a special interest in women-led ventures.