Tips to communicate your way out of a conflict

May 31,2022

Different people have different opinions and such difference of opinion is a natural outcome of individual thinking. Most topics can not be categorized as black or white, there are some topics that can be considered grey. Such grey topics can not have only two sides, black or white. Opinions and perspective over grey topics are considered grey too. Most conflicts are associated with grey topics as in these conflicts, neither party is able to understand the other party’s point of view. Every conflict can not and should not end badly resulting in a fight of a lifetime. Conflict affects both parties. The only difference is on the level of the effect.  
Why one needs to resolve conflicts? Some of us might choose to ignore the conflict and the person/party with whom the conflict occurred. Is it for the best? No! Conflicts can not be ignored they can only be resolved. Consider the situation you will find yourself in if you kept ignoring the conflicts. 

Face the problem
Running away often brings us back to square one. Facing the problem could be the answer you are looking for. To grow as a person you need to develop the ability to adapt and to let go. Hiding and running for a long time can make a hole in your personality and in the end that hole becomes your personality. 

Analyse yourself 
If we are not ready for the conflicts and they feel like a sudden attack on us, we might not be able to handle them well. In conflicts we try to defend ourselves, we try to win without considering the depth of the situation. We say and do the most hurtful things.

Listen to the other person as well
Resolving conflict also includes listening to the other person attentively. Listen carefully and react carefully to avoid any grounds for misunderstanding. Repeat what they said to get a clear idea of their perspective. Be aware of your facial and hand gestures.

Maintain the calm
Do not let anger take over conflict and turn a mere spat into a deadly war. Calm yourself and do not say things which you will regret later. 

Develop stress relief skills and empathy 
Being stressed can make one ignorant toward others and their own feelings. Due to which one might not be able to respond to the conflict well. S/he might entirely shut off or blow up in anger. Focus on releasing stress at the moment. It will make you more empathetic towards the other person’s perspective. 

Take a hint
See the conflict as an opportunity to understand a person better. Discuss what is bothering you and them. Discuss all the possible solutions there could be and stick to them. If the first solution does not work then shift to the next one. Do not hold back anything you have in your mind related to the conflict. It might not let you resolve the conflict entirely.