Not just farming: 10 upcoming and promising careers in agriculture

May 31,2022

Indian economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and the demand for a professionally trained workforce is strident. The days of thinking of agriculture as toiling in the hot sun with returns at subsistence level are over as technology and scientific inputs have made the process less dependent on manual labour.
1.    Agricultural engineering is a field that helps in designing and building farm equipment. Farming activities are bettered by using efficient machining and manufacturing processes. 
2.    Horticulturists are much in demand to maintain nurseries, greenhouses, plantations and orchards. Organic food is the next big thing and this sector foresees a hugetrend.
3.    Dairy technology includes production of milk and milk products and packaging, storing and distributing the same.
4.    Poultry farming is a lucrative career choice. It involves raising poultry, managing sheds, feed supply, and quality control.
5.    Pisciculture or the science of fisheries is also a growing field. The candidate focuses on the methods of breeding, rearing and maintain marine health in non-natural environment. Transportation and distribution is also a part of the career aspects.
6.    Agronomists or soil scientists are responsible for maintaining and improving soil quality, fertility, preparing seedbeds, improving sowing methodology and management of soil moisture. Judicious use of insecticide and pesticides is also a part of the job.
7.    Agricultural economics is the application of the broad principles of economics in the industry as a whole. Professionals are expected to monitor price and market trends, export and import, consumer preferences and returns on investment opportunities. 
8.    Agri-business management involves handling activities related to bridging farming and non-farming sectors to create seamless trade environment. Manufacture, storage, distribution and marketing agro products in non-agro channels is the challenge.
9.    Agricultural Bio-technology is a nascent field where genetic engineering is married to molecular diagnostics, vaccines and tissue culture to modify plants to make them better adapted and high yielding. It may help in preventing disease and improving food processing capability.
10.    Agricultural analysts are in demand for their capability to provide technical advice on economic trends, plan and design reinsurance accounts and help in developing new products.
The scope is endless as the agriculture industry is still in a maturing phase and new technological advancements will open new vistas for the youth to build careers on.