How to be a farmer and start a career in agriculture

May 31,2022

Food security is the prime focus of any nation. The issues faced by farmers are multi-faceted and extensive.It’s all about arming the farmers with skills and resources to empower them to create a new era in Food Production. Technology is the medium that will help farmers improve their production and create better and cost effective avenues to financial freedom.
The crux of the solution is that there needs to be a provision for infrastructure and technology to enhance farm production. The cycle becomes less arduous and time consuming, enabling the farmer to improve profitability by reducing turnaround time.
The way forward is to partner directly with the farmers themselves. This will require an understanding of regional differences and the spectrum of needs that the individual farming community of a state may have. The aim is to support the farmer with free farm equipment, seeds and fertilizer. The entire production of the crop grown by the farmer should be processed locally. The processed food should then be exported world-wide. The elimination of multiple middle men will improve the earnings of the farmer.
There will be major challenges in the diverse Indian market. The basic issue the agriculture behemoth will face is gaining the trust of the farmer. Once the farmer trusts the process the roadmap to a financially secure agricultural business will be ready for implementation. The infrastructural requirements like logistics and warehousing will also pose a big challenge. 
The government along with companies that have a demonstrated history of creating millions of success stories in the domain of farming should work together to change the Indian agricultural realm. The rich cultural and agricultural heritage of the country will be strengthened by this initiative.