Eight Discussions To Have with Your Teenage Girl Before College

May 31,2022

1.    Peer Pressure: College is a time where people experiment with a lot of things. While exploring new things is a good thing, doing things because her friends are doing is hardly a reason. This can be well imparted to any situation she is not comfortable with or goes against her gut instincts. Always ask her to weigh the situation and then take a call without succumbing to peer pressure. 

2.    Overall Development: Ask her to partake in different competitions, join different clubs and explore her horizons instead of sticking to her class bench. Ask her to take measures for her overall development where she can focus on a greater dynamics of success. 

3.    Develop Social Skills: Standing ships never get to see the ocean. This can be applied to college students who don’t go out and develop their social skills. Daughters must be taught about getting to know more people and learning about different cultures - after all, college is a melting pot of students from across the country. 

4.    Self-Confidence: A lot of times girls will be tested based on how they look, talk, walk and hold to unrealistic standards. They should be taught not to be bogged down by them and have self-confidence that will tide them through these ridiculously patriarchal thought processes. 

5.    Stand Your Ground: A no means no. College girls are just stepping into a world where they will be asked to do something unethical, something they are not comfortable with, etc. They should stand their ground and refuse to do something they don’t want and have their own opinions without yielding down to anyone!

6.    Take (Calculated) Risks: It is important to take calculated risks to see results. Young girls should be encouraged to move beyond their comfort zone and hould, but should listen to their gut. Get on that stage and sing your heart out. 

7.    Sex and Intimacy: The idea is not to keep them away from sex and intimacy but improve their awareness to ensure that they don’t move in the wrong direction. Talk to them about safe sex and instead shaming them for having a human side, try answering their questions and clearing the doubts they might have. 

8.    The Essence of Academics: How can we let academics take a back seat. Ensure that your daughters are well aware of the importance of studies and should have their focus on it for a bright future.