5 Things One Can Do To Prevent Losing Their Personality While in a Relationship

Jul 04,2022

Being in a relationship can feel like always hanging out with and making out with your best friend. It's quite impressive! But sometimes, that can become our entire universe! Because you are completely infatuated with this one person, you lose touch with your pals and stop engaging in your favourite pastimes. It is possible to feel as though you are losing yourself in a relationship, which can be uncomfortable.

Love can be like putting on a pair of magical glasses that alter your perception of the world. The colours appear more vibrant, the food tastes better, and the radio tunes finally make sense. Initially, you will undoubtedly be head over heels for this individual. The honeymoon period is a real phenomenon. The most important thing to remember, though, is not to lose yourself in this new and exciting endeavour or forget who you were prior to entering this partnership. How do you accomplish this? Let's plough through it!

1. Place Yourself First:

Self-care remains crucial even when in a relationship. It indicates that you continue to care for yourself. Self-care could consist of maintaining your interests, pursuing your goals, and continuing to do what you enjoy. Do not depend on someone else to fulfil you. You'll discover that you share so many similarities with your partner and love doing things together! which is incredible! But you must still meet your own needs by remaining true to yourself and your passions. Anything that gives you a few minutes of absolute happiness is acceptable, such as getting your makeup done at your favourite salon, watching an episode of your favourite web series, cooking, going for a swim, planting, singing, making a friend or five, saying no like it's your job, obtaining photography lessons, joining a dance group, commencing a book club, collecting wine, etc. Simply get something that belongs to you, and remember to admit who and what you dislike.

2. Your Self-Worth:

In the pursuit of love, we may occasionally break self-respecting boundaries we would not typically cross. This is another indicator that the relationship is not healthy for you, whether you are engaging in activities that you find humiliating or allowing yourself to be treated disrespectfully. Never relinquish your right to be treated with courtesy and respect. If someone crosses this line, you must eliminate them immediately. If you permit this treatment to continue, it will worsen, and you will ultimately despise yourself for permitting it. 

3. Don't Substitute "We" for "I":

Remember that regardless of how long you and your partner have been together, you are still an individual. If you are invited somewhere by yourself, do not assume your partner is also invited. If you enjoy pasta, avoid the expression "We love pasta!" You are both unique individuals with separate interests and preferences. Try to maintain separate identities even though you may occasionally feel as though you share a brain.

4. Your Capacity for Decision-Making

Consider decision-making as a muscle that weakens with inactivity. The less we defer to our partners in decision-making, the less likely we are to make future judgments and think independently. This does not imply that you must make every decision on your own, but you should be mindful of any habits you may have of double-checking with your partner before making a decision—especially if it involves a relatively trivial matter, such as a modest grocery purchase. Think independently and continue to make decisions, no matter how minor. This contributes to the preservation of your feeling of individuality and your ability to stand on your own two feet.

5. Do Not Compromise Excessively:

Obviously, it is beneficial to accommodate others in a relationship by compromising, but it is not acceptable to be the only one making sacrifices. Soon, the little things will become everything, and you will no longer be yourself. In a relationship, it is essential to know when to bend, but be careful not to bend so much that you break.