10 Social Networking Etiquette Rules your Children Have to Know

Jun 01,2022

With the popularity and reach of social media, the use of the platform is exploding. With billion users from across the globe, each platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+ has its own share of users. It is easy to find every major age group plugged in irrespective of the fact they are engaged in social media marketing, staying in touch with old pals or making new connections. 

Being an adult, you must be aware of the settings which help you in securing your account but there are several things which your children should understand before exposing themselves over social media. In this article, go through the social networking etiquette rules our children have to know to secure themselves from getting exploited.  
These Rules of Etiquettes underlines the interaction in the virtual world and emphasize of dignity and safety:

-    Fill information about yourself and your business in your online profiles. It means making your profile real by using your real name and display picture. People online tend to get confuse if you use fancy names for your profile. 

-    Create a different profile or online account for your personal connections so as to not merge your professional connections with private conversations. Avoid mixing the combination of business and pleasure over social media platform. 

-    It is always better to make a section on your main profile to let people over social media to know who you want to befriend with. It will let the visitors to abide by that information and you won’t have to remove unnecessary requests. 

-    It is not necessary to provide all the important information. Besides do not talk only about yourself as well as your venture. 

-    The important rule to teach your children is avoid approaching strangers and sending them requests. It can jeopardize with their information. 

-    Choose a screen name which will describe you and your company well. Avoid using any fancy names until and unless you are just making profile for personal use. 

-    The important rule children need to learn is do not friend requests for birthdays. It leaves your bad impressions.

-    The golden rule is avoid posting anything on internet which might risk your business. It implies do not post anything which you don't want your current client or potential clients and future boss to go through. 

-    Give a thorough check on the people you would like to follow you. Do stick to your parent’s advice when they told you how people judge by your surroundings.

-    Accept the rejections gracefully. It is always not mutual from the ends. If somebody denies your request and don’t want to be your buddy then accept the decision. People over social media have equal rights. 

Last but not least, talk to your kids and make them understand that YOU have their back and you are available to advise them anything no matter what it is. As a parent you are there for them no matter how embarrassing it is. That is why you are the parent. To support and protect them at all costs.  They can freely talk about anything that is upsetting them be it is online or offline.